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Back in the game
 Ulf RiebesellNovember 06, 20181 min read

It has been a week of intense repairs at the mesocosms by our divers. The leaks in the flotation pylons have been sealed, the water that leaked into the pylons has been blown out and the sunken mesocosms are now floating again. In addition, metal…

The zooplankton lab
 Alba FilellaNovember 05, 20181 min read

I have to admit: My interest in zooplankton was not particularly strong until I arrived to Gran Canaria for this campaign. Because of the specific objectives of the Ocean artUp project, the effort in studying the zooplankton community and its role in…

Meet the locals
 Nicolás Smith SánchezNovember 03, 20181 min read

Beware kooks, these locals are not friendly, but damn are they graceful! No, I’m not referring to the Gran Canarian wave riders, rather about the tiny inhabitants of the island’s crystal-clear, warm waters. But don’t be fooled, the sun is not always…

Grow from failing
 Ulf RiebesellOctober 28, 20182 min read
Categories: Event, Field Report

This year’s campaign wants us to grow rapidly. Since starting our sea-going activities we have encountered a gruelling series of technical problems and unfavourable wind and wave conditions. It has been a strenuous effort combined with an amazing…

Small eats smallest
 Kristian SpillingOctober 25, 20181 min read

When inorganic nutrients are pumped to the sunlit surface of the ocean, it will be taken up by microscopic plants called phytoplankton. Phytoplankton uses the energy from sunlight to transform CO2 to sugar during photosynthesis. They also need…

Still enchanted by the bulky guy
 Marjan GhotbiOctober 25, 20181 min read

We arrived and I’ve had 2 days to settle down and get to know other fellows of the research team. And now comes the doomsday when I am gonna meet the guys with whom I am supposed to work the whole 2 months. First impression is something you will…

The feast is on
 Ulf RiebesellOctober 24, 20182 min read

Imagine you’re in a desert, thirsty for water. There’s plenty of precious water just a stone’s throw away, you just can’t get at it. That’s what phytoplankton, the tiny algae supporting life in the ocean, have to face. Except that in their case it’s…

Where the hell is M9?
 Moritz BaumannOctober 23, 20182 min read

The ninth day of the experiment, T9, started with promising sunshine and blue skies. The biggest part of the sampling team hopped on to Plocan 1, a speed boat of the PLOCAN institute (Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias) which is mainly used for the…

Dizzy talk
 Javier BerdúnOctober 21, 20181 min read

It was nine thirty in the morning when we left on the boat Plocan 1 on the way to the mesocosms. The sun was shining high in the sky, the sea was calm and I was excited and full of energy in my first sampling. However, when we were already in the…

Salting the sea
 Ulf RiebesellOctober 20, 20182 min read

Why would anyone salt the sea? Isn’t it salty enough? Well, that may be the case, but that’s not the point here. The point is that the two parameters we can measure most precisely in the sea are temperature and salinity. Well not actually salinity…

Ready, steady, go!
 Ulf RiebesellOctober 15, 20181 min read
Categories: Event, Field Report

Eighteen months of planning, organizing, ordering, designing, building, packing, shipping, unpacking, assembling, setting-up, more planning and organizing … have finally led us were we now stand. At the start of a unique, exciting, and hopefully…

Ready to rock
 Ulf RiebesellOctober 14, 20181 min read

Today the mesocosms were closed. The sediment traps were connected to the bottom of the mesocosm bags by our divers and the upper parts of the bags were pulled above the sea surface. Now the enclosed plankton communities are completely separated from…

Bringing deep to surface
 Ulf RiebesellOctober 13, 20181 min read

One of our last activities with RRS James Cook was the collection of nutrient-rich deep water. With its volume of 100 cubic meter the deep water collector holds enough water to simulate a strong upwelling event in our mesocosms. The collector was…

Sea-born: the mesocosms at take-off
 Ulf RiebesellOctober 07, 20181 min read

Today the British research vessel RRS James Cook deployed our 9 mesocosms in Gando Bay at the northeast coast of Gran Canary. Everything went smoothly and our KOSMOS babies look like a cheerful bunch happy to be back in their ocean playground. Over…

Ocean artUp running at full speed
 Ulf RiebesellJuly 20, 20181 min read

With 18 months into the project, Ocean artUp is now running at full speed. Starting with a pilot study in 2017 focusing on the base of the food web we are presently preparing for a full scale 10-weeks KOSMOS experiment off Gran Canary from October to…