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Still enchanted by the bulky guy

 Marjan GhotbiOct 25, 20181 min read

We arrived and I’ve had 2 days to settle down and get to know other fellows of the research team. And now comes the doomsday when I am gonna meet the guys with whom I am supposed to work the whole 2 months. First impression is something you will never be able to compensate for, so I need to look smart. Well, it’s high time we get introduced to each other.

Oh my God; they are quite a lot and seem to be from different backgrounds and families. Will I be able to remember their names? Ok, at least I need to remember the bulky, broad-shouldered guy’s name! He looks sort of attractive. He could have made a successful athlete as well. The only thing I don’t like about him is the mole on his forehead; “Mr. Centropages”; Carsten says.

I am still enchanted by his built body that comes the next guy. Short, chubby with thick hairy arms and legs; totally reminds me of school time bullies with his drop like figure. I sort of like this Mr. Temora as well.

Oh, holey smokes! Over there two guys keep coming and going with their oval-shaped bodies. They seem to appear all over the place. The one who’s called Nannocalanus is less problematic. He is generously revealing 4 lines of his six-pack, however, Paracalanus tends to be a bit mysterious. But no worries, his size always blows his cover.

At this point I am a bit surprised! Aren’t there any ladies around? Oooh, yes there goes a trendy, slender lady in her long tailed skirt. She looks like a bride. I am sort of envious of her sexy figure. She is aptly named Microsetella which reminds me of her fragile style. There is a line of guys standing there to be introduced to me, but I am still enchanted by the bulky guy. ;)