Dizzy talk

Javier Berdún by Javier Berdún on 21.10.2018

It was nine thirty in the morning when we left on the boat Plocan 1 on the way to the mesocosms. The sun was shining high in the sky, the sea was calm and I was excited and full of energy in my first sampling. However, when we were already in the smaller boat taking the first samples of water, the small and continuous waves that crashed against its side began to cause me a bit of dizziness. Even having previously taken some pills to avoid it.

Much to my dismay, I moved back to Plocan 1 to recover and, when I got to feel better, I talked with the captains who showed great interest in what we were doing. They asked me questions related to the objectives of the experiment, the motivation of the project, etc.

When we arrived at the pier of Taliarte and stepped on the mainland (finally :-), I realized the importance of communicating what we do, how interesting the project is and the effort we all put into take it forward.

At the end of the day, when I was already at home, I was also thinking about this wonderful opportunity to participate in such a stimulating experiment but, above all, to meet great people and work hand in hand with them. I am very grateful!

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