Meet the locals

Nicolás Smith Sánchez by Nicolás Smith Sánchez on 3.11.2018

Beware kooks, these locals are not friendly, but damn are they graceful! No, I’m not referring to the Gran Canarian wave riders, rather about the tiny inhabitants of the island’s crystal-clear, warm waters. But don’t be fooled, the sun is not always shining in paradise and conditions here can get rough too, with 2-meter swell, grey menacing clouds and strong winds. In spite of this and the whole ordeal of nets and sieves that we put them through, these masters of the pelagic still manage to look their best under the scope. I used to think Ernst Haeckel got a bit carried away in his illustrations of copepods, radiolarians and such, but … can you really blame him?

Atlantidae Atlantidae

Corycaeus Corycaeus

Oncaea Oncaea

Rhincalanus cornutus Rhincalanus cornutus

Nannocalanus Nannocalanus

Copilia female Copilia female