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Ready to rock

Ulf Riebesell by Ulf Riebesell on 14.10.2018

Today the mesocosms were closed. The sediment traps were connected to the bottom of the mesocosm bags by our divers and the upper parts of the bags were pulled above the sea surface. Now the enclosed plankton communities are completely separated from the surrounding environment. Nine isolated “mini-worlds” ready to enter an exciting journey over the coming 60 days. We will give them a few days to adjust and closely monitor them in the meantime before starting our experimental manipulations. Everyone in the team is eager and excited to get started.

It’s a good time for a big THANK-YOU to the KOSMOS core team, who worked very hard over the past 5 weeks to get us to the starting line. Thank you guys. You did it.

The team out with Wassermann