KOSMOS sampling (photo by Javier Aristegui)

Reminding us what it takes

Ulf Riebesell by Ulf Riebesell on 4.12.2018

I imagine a KOSMOS experiment is a bit like giving birth. When you’re in it, you think never again. When you carry the outcome in your arms, you’re convinced it’s the best thing in life you ever did. And a year or two later you may have forgotten all the hardship that came along with it.

To remind us of what it takes to run a KOSMOS mesocosm study in open ocean waters, Micha has compiled some impressions from our on-going campaign: assembling the mesocosms, laying out the moorings, deploying the mesocosms, filling the bags, installing the sediment traps, collecting the deep water, closing the bags, injecting the deep water … and finally sampling the mesocosms and starting with research.

Not every step works as planned and some times you have to deal with serious setbacks. Some times so bad, that a full restart is the only way to continue. Well, we went through all that and managed to keep the head above water. And are now on the final stretch of the experiment. What a journey! Fingers crossed that we will cross the finish line without any further major challenges.

Some impressions on KOSMOS-GC2018 compiled by Michael Sswat