Clara Beckmann by Clara Beckmann on 8.12.2018

Normally I’m in the laboratory fractionating chlorophyll, but for today I changed tasks. It was early in the morning, as we started loading the van with all our equipment for today´s sampling. There are numerous small and big cooling boxes, a small armada of integrated water samplers, the Niskin sampler, plankton nets, pumping hoses, the fluoroprobe and the CTD, Andrea's and Kai's baby. It measures vertical profiles of several parameters, such a temperature, salinity, fluorescence, oxygen and pH. Everything is packed onto three boats that go out for sampling and then they are ready to leave harbour. I drove the van up to PLOCAN and since I was in a hurry to get to the voice radio to take my duty as today’s watch-lady, I parked in the first available place on two slots. I can get away with it though because it is Saturday and not many people work here on weekends. Except for us, the crazy KOSMOS crowd, running a huge experiment in the military bay area in front of the airport. But if you want to save the planet you got to set your goals. ;)

Then I headed to the office to take on my duty. It means that I sit in the office and take care of the voice radio system. Every outgoing or incoming calls the watchman - or in my case watch-lady – to report which boat it is, who is on board and what is their mission. This all works out fine and as I am sitting here, watching over the harbour, I start wondering what else to do. Just then I remembered that I could use the opportunity to write a blog entry before this amazing study is over, and this is happening now.

Watchman's workspace The watchman's workspace, with voice radio and view of Taliarte harbour

View over the harbor The watch-lady's view of Taliarte harbour